The Point Being -- There Sometimes ONLY Seems No Point

There always is however -- Sometimes we as People are only way to limited in our 5 senses to gather in the reality of the event surrounding us

Last night I drifted into a deep sleep (FAST) and in the last two nights in

Now we talk as somehow (SOMEWAY) Corporation ABc / XYZ -- OR whatever the hell you want to call it

IS GOING to give me the odd chance of income generator as SHIT DISTRURBER one as if you thought i was good as amusement the Shit Disturber role will be even MORE suited

YOU SEE I found something I LIKE and need it now "DAILY" at my DOOR at 6-7pm (i will give you at XYz a few hundred hours of Key Lo ./ year


and I also agree to finally BEHAVE 100%

And Keep in MIND they (Pharaohs) fed their slaves too, only difference is quality of food and a few zillion years (you decide what I get and if we can pull this off with 30 people sponsoring a meal or two a month think of the posibility of saving a planet)

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