The Psychological Experiments & Labs - Volume 1

I am just a newbie in this area as I was trapped and or

"Emotionally Locked Down" assisted with the bottle for 38 years *and I was / am one of the very, very lucky ones that actually escaped the "Prison Of The Mind" (many never get out as death shows zero mercy with A.U.D. (Alcohol Use Disorder) kills a human (ya you are likely a human too)ever 10 seconds -- it is amazing

I was just just rescued from the edge of darkness, and shown much caring and love by complete strangers that opened their arms and hearts to "allow" me to heal as I needed, I hurt today more than I have for a very long time

However I also know I have amazing TEAM(s) in the community and that treatment will resume on Monday 0ctober 21 which will be day 17 of "MY" N.L.P. (New Life Program) in which I / you / we all share a equal place to get me back to a more reasonable quality of life

I need sleep it is 240am

Good Night

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