The Return Of The Wizard

I am home - way more educated, compassionate, understanding, kind and loving-- yeah in just 14 short brief days all my inner workings seemingly were over written (hell you do not want to screw with these people) EVER

They do this for "fun & entertainment" as when they improve the life of a simple man such as myself, it seems to have a tremendous ripple effect, and I even at times felt compelled to work on changes around me by stepping out of the drama and into what we "hallucinate" (I usse this word as a swap for "thought" as what you think and I thing abut the same pictures of reality we get is usually not always the seams there for a "hallucination"

From the "drama" into the "drama"

which is real?

and who gets to decide?

The 14 days in the psychological experiment experience and labs was incredible as the team of doctors, nurses, student nurses, residence docs, cleaning crew (hey I thank you for cleaning my house while I was there), food servers, front desk security, hospital security (sorry I wasn't the model schizophrenic patient), to the staff at spirituality, and the cooks and servers at the "big" cafe', to the Cardio team for your quick response to my heart beat dropping to 42-46 bpm, to the lab teams, the volunteers at the stores, (thank you for my bear, she kept me comfy in my room as I attempted to "relax"-- "Good Luck" -- Lucien)

Thank You All for saving my life, body, mind and soul

I am very grateful for all your work

You know I am so very blessed, as I have had access to world class treatment as a poor (in monetary measures means) man -- you all enriched my heart and spirit in so many, many ways

You wanna know how blessed I am?

I found love, of a being called "human"


But I had to go away on a walk of the Great Barrier Reef some 1,600 miles (I just got the button / award) today I started on May 15, 2019 some 156 days of Heaven & Hell through pain and suffering, to kindness, to agony, to caring --to LOVE -(which always reigns supreme)

I am blessed, I owe you all

Tonight I am blessed very much to be allowed to sleep in my own bed at home, under my own covers, with no noise from outside the door, and no lights shining in

I am blessed and totally surrender to "they" as I am but a humble servant of humanity

Thank You for that incredible gift you all have Given Unto Me:

God Bless


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