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The Sacrifice, Of the Mad Hatter Experience of Edmonton of Alberta Canada

You People have gone way to far as Charging A RAPE Victim with Attempting to Seek Help, I can no longer sleep, and my diet sux's and I am falling into mental pieces, and I am now at the end .. I see the darkness that is no light ad even if I am being used a tool to show the Governments at all levels, we need more funding I am no longer going to be used in this manner as a toy spun around and around by the idle priests left arm awaiting to FUCK ME ALL OVER AGAIN

Cause this time there is only but one more man to KILL and that is ME and I am in massive pain and as you saw me today the pain wasn't that bad as it is like I get oil when I get oiled when my body gets into a movement status

Then when i sit the pain comes back and magnifies and fucken actually takes over and I am so frustrated at the place that I keep finding myself in dad / night after day or night as this is totally bullshit and I am no longer able to deal with a level 8 or 9 pain level as I have suffered long, long time for HUMANITY and I seem to be getting ZERO BREAKS from SOCETY and very little Compassion Help from the Human Beings that say that they are my friends ( they are not as it seems to a way out of the feeling a damn guilty state of mind if I actually follow through with the act of my inhuman act of actually taking MY OWN LIFE )

So I have been abused and abused over and over again and again

So how do I seek the end of my day / night or do I just suffer on and on for mankind until God takes me home

I get Father George at The Italian Church saying God gives us a pass if we have an event horrible and Bernie saying it is a Mortal Sin and once again, I am being yanked both ways and I feel trapped as all of this shit is a fuck around and who the fuck actually knowns as view have returned to say one way or another NO ONE

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