The Social Contract I Have With YOU ALL

Today is the day I as a member of the Schizoaffective Disorder club as we in the elite group are a small group within a small group of the whole which is just 1% of the general population group of the


It is hard to describe the feeling as a client I get as it is freeing as I went from 13 vitamins / big pharma supplied medications which were just way to hard to manage the cocktails of physiatry medications to the one PIN every 28 days

I am very grateful to all the scientist and researchers that designed the Invega Sustenna or Paliperoidone Palmitate --- they stick this chemical soup into my body every 28 days

I do this for all of you as I have a obligation to teach people about what we as a minority go through to provide YOU = SOCIETY with all safe guards as when my group I am a member of are responsible, are a very honest people with a horrible illness and all we want is to be accepted as people

I have no CTO = Community Treatment Order -- which is were we are forced to be injected .... and there are side effects some kinda major ones

I have very Blessed all my life and then I was here and found you and GOD and I am also lucky as, I didn't sleep again all night


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