The Store Is Up I Listened And I Heard And I Acted

This was a long time in the coming as I have walked as many miles as I did and I was allowed to make many people smile and happy ( if only for a few moments )

This new project is my legacy project or as a old friend put it "whats ya going to do when you are 65 and the AISH benefit package ends?" in 1,712 days ( and that is a very is a very good question as I am going to hopefully still have so Health Vouchers left for a few days after that

I began my M.E. = Monk Experiments some 32 days ago -- and this was to change my life totally as even though I took more Personal Responsibility ( P.R. ) back from the land of the unknown as I needed this more than even I knew and now to allow you in as this is all new as I had a dream of having a little store for as long as I can imagine ( but this is big ) as it is a internet store ( meaning I have the potential to bring in people from across this Pale Blue Dot we are allowed to call our home as we pass through on a bolt of energy )

Today I have done 2 KM and 4 flights of stairs I was up all night writing and Experimenting with technology I have at my disposal for a few dollars a month and it looks like I signed up for $72.50 x 12 = $870 in fees a year which is approximately $2.39 a day , I hope the sales can make up what its going to cost me out

And so here is my new addresses for shopping at The Mad Hatters Experience Shoppe

I now need to fiind a link short, and I did at Tiny URL so that link again is

So stop on bye and will toss a steak on the BBQ

Thank you all

Lucien aka The Mad Hatter Experience

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