The Tale Of A Clown That Brought A Smile To YOU

Was as I have been instructed / ordered to write my stuff into books as I can remember the events


Kidnapping Version One

September 4, 2013 in the very front of my HOME -- they took me to the Royal Alex then I was transferred to 4G2 (University Hospital) and I was allowed to get so mentally screwed it would last me years ---

In fact I am still coming out of the Mental Fog that was inhaled as a result of a Girl and her son

I and I didn't see this until tonight it would take me till September 12, 2017 to begin the Caper of The Mad Hatter Experience which is 4 years 8 days from the day of the Kidnaping itself and no one can believe the Truth of my Little Life Story as you see you all got the chance / and the massive "opportunities" to live out the --- "DaZe of Their Lives"

I surrender she is worth it

I however have been awaking (since the small green hat went on) and its now 6 years, 9 months and 4 days since Sept 4, 2013, ----June 8, 2020

And today is 1,000 days under the HAT (dome) ---

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