The Theory Of Rock Bottom

I hit it today (Friday September 11, 2020) and did I nail it hard very damn hard as I thought I was actually flying --- BANG grounded and I smacked the shit out my head today

Once you nail it (the bottom) you need to move at a very rapid pace as if you don't or can't you then fail to act upon momentum

Not many of us human beings actually find the Rock Bottom -- Me I had been holding on to mine for months now in the form of 50-55 sleeping pills and it was a fucken way to NOT deal with what the REAL ISSUES were

Most of "my kind" @therealonepercent -- the true schizophrenics' ---

I just had one of the worst days and best days of the SOC (Season Of COVID) and now I just had a experience of chatting with a great lady at Access 24/7 who said "I can't imagine the pain a 1.2cm HOLE in my BODY would cause" in one breathe and in the next she is shooing me off like I am a strange mosquitoes --we talked for 10+ minutes after I held off any crazy behavior as I am just as I AM @therealonepercent "my kind" the "true schizophrenic's"

I sleep sitting up and she don't give a fuck as it is not a part of the J.O.B. [what ''CARING ABOUT HUMANS"]

And you know it is not her "fault" as Mental Health Issues" in this incredible country have always been underfunded and with the COVID 19 issue *read # 1* and all the chaos and accompanying mayhem that a, Kamakazi pilot couldn't fly through on a good day

It is this COVID 19 bullshit and it now has me pissed right off, it really doesn't make any sense how we as a damn, planet can't create a vaccine for this


Today I had my Bedsore Wound treated for the first time in 179 day and then Homecare went all defensive as I should have never ever been denied treatment for a HOLE due to my Mental Health Challenge which made it worse on so many levels

I am (WAS) a damn human being when all of this began in Oct 15, 2018 (698 days ago and or 1 year, 10 months, 28 days ago and or 22 months and 28 days) and I have suffered been cut up [literally] "as the plastic surgeon" did his work on me on April 11, 2019

Was I really a person an actual "human being" (like you in the mirror) really it was so many pain filled nights and days ago its some time's hard to remember

I am so very sad this morning as it took me a very long time to write this blog post as its now 123am on Saturday

To you the length of this wound going on looks like just numbers but to me they are days of my life (its gone) 698 days, 1 year, 10 months, 28 days ago was when the wound was first found out about me

Book List

# 1 The Chronicles Of The Wuhan Virus

Amazon Kindle = $0.99

# 2 COVID 19 - THE GREAT RESET Amazon Kindle $6.99

Paperback $13.42

Just for words sake remember I HATE COVID 19 I Mean I totally hate this damn virus read Chronicles and you'll understand it better -- read RESET and You will arm yourself with a mind-set that YOU can cope better

You know

it started off as schizophrenia in 2016, a Bedsore in 2018, COVID 19 in 2020 and Liberation in 20121 ( maybe ?? )

I have seen the Bottom of The barrel and I understand the Theory of The Rock Bottom a bit better now

And thanks to YOU, God and Jesus I am still Here

And for all that I am so very grateful


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