The Truth of The Matter --

Back on October 15, 2018 I was told I had a bedsore, which didn't make sense to the doctors doing my annual physical (as I was walking 15-20km a day, and enjoying my life).

This was about to change from bad, to hellish in a few months. As treatment was ordered and began on October 25, 2018 (10 days later) yah "The End Is Just The Beginning". and this was about to be my ending dya of MY LIFE as I knew it.

by December 8, 2018 one of the care team finally listened to my saying I was in extreme pain and I wanted out of treatment, she opened up (this was after my team as I was about to be introduced to saying) I couldn't be in as much pain as I was {claiming} I was in but Nurse (D) told me that a product that [[THEY]] were using could cause pain (ok maybe I am only a fragment insane) then again lets go full out with the INSANITY ok?

these side effects are:

very bad pain (but crazy people dont suffer, physical smptomes) RIGHT?

hey I wasn't this crazy before, or was I?

You see I am going to air the treatments I have needed to undergo over the last 9 months of this "prison sentence" while I got trapped in my body by a Canadian Health System in disarray:

I dont need anything at all-- but pain relief, calories now:

and I am very grateful for the


That I have been somehow forced to learn and study

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