The Wonderful World Of An I.C.S.

Today I begin the journey back to life, as it has been a very long time since I have even felt half human even. It was 77 months ago that I was "allowed" into this magikal world of humanness that I would find abounds with kindness, love and compassion. However I would have many and I mean many lessons to learn and undergo the "baptism by fire" with. From being homeless in "my" city I was allowed to move into in 1978, to serving a brief jail sentence as the city showed me its love, (tough love), it would be. This was the tail end of 2013 and early 2014.

Somehow by the Grace of God, and Jesus I managed to stay both "clean and sober" throughout this incredible period of Grace, as with Faith the size of a mustard seed, said the words. I needed the word at this period and was not far from it as I wasn't most of my drunken adult life, where I was either to drunk or way to high to even notice the Angels watching over me.

fast forward to 2015, and a group home that was "out in the country" (and I was at the mercy of the house mistress) who when she allowed it would grant 2 --20 minute socialization events a week, at the country Walmart, where I became friends with the staff as they were the only "normal" (if Walmart Employees can be seen as "normal") as they were good people working under extreme hardships, and I was as I would find out just a "prisoner" in a country "Prison Camp" (P.C.) my sentence for my crime of being "unwell" with a "mental health issue" was to last 11 months, when then only after 8 sickening days after having 22 remaining teeth in MY mouth yanked out with pliers with zero freezing in a "event" that would take a long 45 minutes but had it not have been for this "event" I would have died in the (P.C.) as no one was listening to a mental health clients cries of misery

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