There Is No End In Sight With The Pain

I hate this stuff, and thank God I journal my medicatons as I have done since the first J.L.B. (junkie Log Book) way back when I was living with the X in 2005

This has been a very sad, and depressing year, and even though I was in the newspapers 3x had a comic sheet drawn of me

The pain took center stage

even though I passed through 6 years of Alcohol sobriety the pain took center stage. It now runs my life and world -

Ms. Payne, The Devil Girl decides pretty much everything I am ALLOWED to do and she shows very little mercy and zero kindness

They say we need 17 positives to negate 1 negative and some days all I seem to get are negatives

The Mad Hatter Experience has kept me alive

But for how long is this possible now?

I need to attempt to go now and make a few people happy as it might help me out too so I might be back later (or not) see what my keepers Ms. Payne, The Devil Girl decide for this human trapped in my body

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