There Is No Point - Or Do I Do A 100 mcg L.S.D. ex.

You see I have reached the "point of no return" as my [physical health "team(s)"] have all let me pretty much down

I need a total change a 180* turnabout

But how--- L.S.D. ex. ??

And do I include my [Mental Health Team?]

You see I am a collectible (a damn bobble head) lol, anything you want girls/ ladies lets make some cash off the "Mad Hatter Experience"

Donations are welcome (and I do not have a tax number) *but you can feel good*

I have a few charities i want to fund, as according to my "family doc" I spend money on "THINGS"

so what am i supposed to spend it on? ''NO-THINGS?"

Did a speech in my 2x through grade 9 on ''NOTHING'' at what is now Richard Fowler Jr. High as I wrote an all to long speech (report) where I saw music going the teacher Mrs Johnston told me to summarize it 2 days before I was to read it, it was like 23-28 pages and I did this while working full time, at Pro Western Plastics (during my coffee, and lunch breaks) a long with my other homework assignments (I was making the mortgage payments on the family home, buying the food and the rest) it was 1976-78 (I was being terrorized at home by Armand Hughli my mom's boyfriend) who had already caused Welfare to remove my little sister (I thought this was my fault)

The day before my last (and this was about to be my last English class) I went around the other kids in the class and made a bet that I would stand in front of the class and do a speech on NOTHING and not say a damn word and just flip pages

I worked that night at the factory and I was a bit down as I had invested a lot of time in the speech / report on music and was about to give it up (the hours of my time) as it was "long"

I was still in my work clothes that day, as I wasn't planning on sticking around after English class,

I got up after Monica Tap whose speech was brilliant as was she as she was a beauty and I grabbed an empty notebook and took the stage (a place next to the desk on the left hand side) and I did what I said I would do, and for 5+ minutes I flipped blank pages then made my way back to my desk, and Mrs Johnston in front of my classmates made a error in judgement as she had to make a example of me, and she gave me a { f } so I spun around gave her a ( F ) and walked my ass down to Mr Kaminskis Office to report myself for being a creative capitalist -He was happy to just see me at school as he knew the HORROR show that my home had turned into after dad passed and mom got a boyfriend and the damn truth I was still fighting a war within to keep the damn house (I had no idea mom had us on Welfare) none

He pulled me out of English that day and passed me, and I now had a formula

this would allow me to shower at home instead of at school a few extra times a week and I made $80 extra in my wallet from the kids in my English class that day, and no one remembers anyone's speech but when I used to (and even this now seems alien) to drink the speech on "NOTHING" came up many times and scored me many drinks for free

So what is the point?

To not feel like we feel like right a state change - RIGHT?

we do not want to be us?

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