They Sold Their Only Soul For Plastic Money Or Even Weirder A Digital Digit

This actually isn't taking place at least not in / on the kind of Level YOU Think as even your consciousness is a "product" now, one that Madison Ave and Bay Street market directly to YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AT A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL

HUMANITY HAS "SOLD OUT" for a digit on a banks spread sheet and HUMANS ARE NOW A COMMODITY


Oh well we may get a second life (as it can't be any stranger to be born a second time as it was to be born this time) and ((we)) already have a mold to cookie cut a secpnd life out of

Your silly little Question should be who ((we)) are??

Can't tell you yet

Maybe when your species has evolved to a "higher LEVEL"

Then Maybe, hey species evolutions take time and Gold (that is why we took the common man off the Gold Standard in the mid 70's)

So ((we)) got YOUR GOLD -- And YOU got a digit on a computer screen


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