THEY--> TOOK Everything From Me <--In Order To See


They allowed me my spirituality, my sobriety,



Was Needed to be let go off, EVERYTHING

THEY (and THEY know who THEY ARE) needed to test me as if I was THEY I too would wish to know if I was

He Who Was Before He Who Was

It was all as it was supposed to be and in the order it was supposed to be in


FROM -- my (things) when I was sent into my Exile, which I needed as it was timed so very well

[[THEY]] and [[THEY]] Know what I am a way more than I will likely ever know nor understand as all the reasonings behind all of what was needed

YOU ALL got ME to Seven (7) Years Sober

and I can say that Neuroplasticity works very well very welll

and I can say that Neuroplasticity works very well very well

Even when I am reading / typing double <grin>

YOU [[THEY]] maybe took everything but I was given EVERYTHING 2.0


Even though I still have pain from the sore (coccyx bedsore) it is so much better to be sober than it is to be DRUNK AND UNDONE

11th of Feb was 146 months Smoke Free (Cigarettes )

15th of Feb (today) is 84 months Alcohol Free and

for allowing me a "Issue to get Redeemed" by hard work

YOU ALL did this for me THANK YOU

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