This is a Horrible Mental ILLNESS

Looking at me talking to me -- YOU can NOT tell -- Yet lurking right behind my skull is the worst thing mentally that YOU can get schizophrenia and this was just the start of my downfall and IT is going to be incredible as I thought this all through in the torture LABS you seemed to have designed for MY BRAIN

I am pretty close to ready to go

you can't blame me for a ILLNESS (its a MENTAL CANCER)

But HEY GOD (remember him) also needed someone ((thing)) to make an example on the "PHYSICAL" SIDE too

OH there went my other hand (pick me, pick me) and my wish was exactly what this silly S.O.B. gave unto me a WOUND a NASTY FU** OF A HOLE right at my TAIL BONE (try growing MEAT on BONE to heal it)

Level 9-9.95 pain and then the worst Mental illness known to Gods (and MANKIND)

And GOD so LOVEED me he gave me both (but hang on) he wasn't YET DONE (how about taking all my 22 remaining TEETH too, and saving $300-500 on the freezing and let the MENTAL PATIENT sufure for a while (no one will know)

GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU DID DR ALLA (STONY PLAIN) and HE will SHOW YOU the same MERCY I told him the story and he even cringed

YOU ny Spiked Heeled Dentist are in so much trouble when GODS sends his ANGELS to visit ''me I AM GOING TO MOVE ON as the books The Bagh Gita, Quran AND Holy Bible all say present your case to GOD and MOVE ON

I haven't been HIGH in 12+ years a Yellow 35 year old Jumping Bean arriv4ed yesterday and my brain went somewhere it shouldn't have

I am going for a walk

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