This Is A Sick Twisted Illness "That No One Wants"

I don't want it.... problem is that once it wraps its "screws" round your brain -- YOU LOSE now this may take 10 months, 10 years or many decades but YOU will LOSE ---- This ILLNESS (and that is what it is) is the worse thing that you can ever get

then in my case I get a pressure wound

I want to say I QUIT

I can't because some ''normal'' people could get hurt

its tentacles are wrapped around my brain & mind

right now

squeezing and applying pressure and pain (doctors say it is called referred pain) but I call her Ms. Payne)

and we are at (W.A.R.) and she is winning most days

Today I m so very sad as I broke some of the "RULES" on the Slave Contract so sorry to all the OWNERSHIP GROUP (O,S,G)

I hurt now -- I will go away and be back soon

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