This Is New --- Losing More Abilities --This One Is To Just Stand

To *My* ((angel = A)) at The Agency, YOU all saw this one a few weeks ago didn't YOU it however still needed to manifest itself in my physical being and that / this would take yet another adjustment of the chemistry to drop me lower

Drainage seems less, I don't know if this is a good or bad sign as I only know it is a sign of changed in my biochemistry (that you all are controlling on me)

I first started writing about the C&C (Control & Contained) experiments that YOU all are running on my life and world before that there was a "file shift" I began to see the changes on March 3, 2019 and by the 6th of March 2019 the "file shift" would begin in earnest as I had a Police Officer show up on that morning at 7amand all he wanted was to do something / anything the next few hours would see massive "Life Changes" transform my entire life and world as I had a session booked for 1pm that day with a doctor I seemed to have built a trust with

Little did I know what was awaiting me on the other side of my bus transfer (NO CLUE) as I was about to be shown LOVE like I had never had before

That is what is making typing this out so __ __ CKen hard as I feel you care --But I am in so much pain that saying good bye sucks big time

But I have made a total mess in 108 short days since I returned (HOME) on April 25, 2019 I had nothing when I came home, Hell even addictions and mental health line @ 780-424-2424 wasn't there as that was a add on that arrived around June 17, 2019 (to the tune of about $5-6 million) to help "others but once again I was to be excluded as I should have DIED YEARS ago right ladies and gentlemen, sorry I haven't died quite yet and am still a thorn in your side

So now I can't even stand at my computer desk to do this blog, first you take away the cafe, then you cut me up like a damn turkey at Christmas, then you take away my ability to walk and to MAKE HAPPY PEOPLE, and now my desk become a big mother challenge

And I keep getting my __ __ CKen ass literally kicked around the city

HOWEVER this took a city to take down a single man that will be remembered a long time from now WILL YOU?

To MY TEAM I am very sorry -- For the rest of YOU -- "I am very sorry"

To Karen & Jacob forgive me

the pain is way to much please let me go

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