This Is So Wrong, But It Is Happening To An I.C.S. Not You

So it's okay, -- until -- and Gods and Goddesses are watching over me, how about YOU, paid your "soul premium" lately?

Read at your own risk as I log the growth that is documented in the KEEPERS of the RECORDS log books as to what I have suffered:

The wound that would become the HOLY HOLE was first discovered on October 15, 2018 at MacEwan University Health Centre (M.U.H.C.) By Dr (R) after some convincing on her part to get me to "drop em'" this happened as since then it has pretty much become a reflex action when the nurses want to see the HOLY HOLE as I have come to call it:

Treatment was order and I was sent to East Edmonton Health Center (E.E.H.C.) on October 25, 2018 where I was measured and treated

Measurements at that date were

Length 2 cm - Width 1.2 cm and Depth .4 cm

And I had ZERO pain (that was going to soon change, girls wasn't it?)

At December 12, 2018 I had measurements at

Length 2 cm - Width 1 cm - and Depth of 1 cm

At December 31, 2018 I was sent for my first conscious biopsy and ths was a "blood bath" as I was both shown the gauze and told "it is like something I have never seen before" I was put on a antibiotic

On January 2, 2019 The City Police were summoned to me home, as I was in incredible pain (start of my slide) and people around and near me were concerned for me:

This would repeat itself on January 3, 2019 with the Two same City Police Officers (Chris and Josh) offering me a ride to the Hospital:

And I accepted as I was in so much pain that well "tears" were a part of the night (it was 5am) I was up for days and a mess:

I was admiittied into the ER and the ER doctor (T) then attempted after a quick peak at the HOLY HOLE to take a Opiate Pain Killer (but I flatly refused) as I had a 25 year experinemnt carried out by the SOR - Structure Of Reality to get me to kill myself adn I didn't wish a repeat, as I learned a very valuable llesson in Jail (you do NOT mix Opiates with Mental Medicatons

January 15, 2019 the measurements were at

Length 2.8 cm, - Width 2.3 cm and Depth = .5 cm

My file was moved to the Kingsway Professional Clinic after an incident on January 15, 2019

January 24. 2019

And I would have a second biopsy this time a bone biopsy and if you ever had great S/M sex as the Masochist this biopsy surpassed this as it took (drove) my little Itty Bitty mind to a level (12) as I left my skull.

However even with this thrill we always need to "head back to reality" don't we?

So on January 24, 2019 I was measured at

Length 4.1 cm x Width 3.5 cm x Depth 2.2 cm

Moral of this story is something like this I think:

They can do anything "THEY" want to you if you are POOR in their systems eyes

This blog posting is putting me on the line

However my PAIN LEVEL all of this last few days has been between

LEVEL 6-9 and I don't actually at this stage care much about survival just less suffering and that is my CROSS

We all got one

I have an ability to draw people in to maybe one day after I am gone to discuss issues mentioned on this blog

MAYBE I can hope we can

My wounds are now after 110 days of letting my team of surgeons cut my ass up like dad carved of the butterball turkey at your holiday meal

Measurements are at

Keeping in mind we have now a different wound charather it is the "sinus tract wound:" or the "tunneling wound"

It is at July 23, 2019 Three Tracts (It was one hole before)

And you need to imagine this as a paper cut:

And the pain from a few cm one

Anyways mine are

@ 9 am/pm = 2.1 cm

@ 12 am/pm = 6.5 cm @ 1 am/pm = 2 cm

I am currently getting no treatment as all I get is to see my local Home care Unit 1x a week and this is where I wonder how the hell it is supposed to heal as what they do is this as it seems seriously counter intuitive to allowing for skin growth to occur in a under the skin HOLE / tract

They stick a stick in the HOLE"s (tracts) to measure and take pictures of my exterior ass where the entrance wound is

Then my personal physician takes her look at my ass (still knowing my total discomfort) and says "It looks less ANGRY" WTH the wounds are under the skin and she saw only the exterior of my ass (come on doc!!)

And this my friends is why you have seen less of me on the streets (seems) [[they]] the bad [[they]] got what [[they]] wanted by the destruction of a human being a real live person and we as a society sat back and watched this occur and we smiled as


And besides its OKAY to experiment on people with Mental Challenges as long as they have no family to back them up RIGHT?


Cut him up and then stick a stick in him

The joke ends NOW people

I have been poked one to many times

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