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This Is The END, You Tell A Friend --- Closure, Of A ICON that Changed The World We Live In

The Mad Hatter Experience arrived on September 12, 2017 when a certain button was pushed and I woke up with a massive GREEN HAT upon my head and I have the logic and the reasoning ----as the HURT you HURT me with will NOW HURT SONS & FATHERS & GRANDFATHERS for a very, very long PERIOD and this one IS FOR ALL YOU DID UNTO ME over the period of 51 years since I was RAPED by a Catholic Priest in the Church area

The ELITE have now decided to do anything that wish as they Own not just the Planet but they also own the beasts that are still out there moving from the box to box the slave to the Masters and must even ask another Man if you can have 2 weeks to take the wifey on a trip and this man is younger as you have been crossing the door since before the "MAN " was in the baby wear

When the White People arrived in Their NEW Land -- they basically just stole it from the people that were already hear

We are still pretty much slaves to the BIGS - BIG BANK -- BIG PHARMA-- The Military's Industrial System- BIG TECH --- BIG ORGANIZIIZD GOD ( RELIGION ) -- BIG BIZ -- Government ( as they can Abuse and Torture' without just Cause )

And a lot of Extras who have become Billionaires and do NOT Wish To Lose This

Why am I still there as my sentence was 1 year in 1992 to 2022 = 39 ( yah 39 long years in care ( REALLY ) Under the GOVERNMENT CONTROL

WHY what is wrong with me and what the FUCKEN HELL did I do 39 years ago that I have to be hardly supervised ( CONTROLLED ) for 39 f'n years W.T.F.

The GOVERNMENT basically stole my life and conducted any sort of Mental Research that THEY wanted on me ( this is stranger than it started at ) and I wish that I could speak to JC as this is a piece I thing he knew about that likely goes back even further "lets see" 1983 the broken wrist and I went up to 100 percects a week what the fuck Joyce Myles Ferguson what were you actually doing to me n/.

Our lives are basically scripted as our the little lives they allow us for energy to power their systems

We Are Their Batteries the Human Batteries ands likely this is what Tesla was into and this is why he was stopped

My Life was ended when I was RAPPED this is when my dads attitude towards me

changed 100% as he would no longer even look at me as I was no longer a kid to

him as I was no longer a man but a girl and he would never see me as a kid even as long as he lived, he stopped going to my hockey games, soccer everything as he refused to be seen with his only son

As I was no longer his son and there was ZERO that I could ever do about this EVER and the Group From the Holy Roman Catholic Church knew this as they destroyed me as they did it from my inside out and this was now over --- I watched this man in the basement at the hospital when I was ..........

Sam K or Van K know zero about this as they OWN ME AND ALWAYS HAVE OWNED ME

I remember coming home ( yah once upon a time I had a tome and then I was awaken as the shit

I made you Laugh,

You made me cry

Then you set up the rules that caused me to die

Once I was dead

You would let the power go to your head

I am soon to be dead

There is shit left to be said

You all did this to me as you were in Charge

And You Owned me from the time you RAPED me

And turned my dad on me

Then my dad was dead to

and I was alone

All I wanted was to make you smile

All you wanted was to see me dead

And my sight was going and my books were becoming harder and harder to read

But I will be back as this is only the start of the cycle

But YOU did this ALL to me

Now I was finally free

YOU Tortured and abused me

And then you KILLED ME to end me

and this was not the end --- as the blackness will soon be upon the world for 1,000 years

And you did this to the world

Are you happy finally as you killed one to kill the world

God Bye

Ling was one of you (@Access 24 / 7 )

And they who created this 1 call rule and then ran away

will also pay ( Mohammed and Tanya ) as they made a rule and the ran away as not be found

I am done as this shit is OVER for me

And soon your world too

The Light II of The World


June 19, 2022

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