This Is Why I Can't Get Medicated Goo That Works -- "Goo Times"

This has been a incredibly long weekend as I have never been in pain like this even before I was hospitalized for the Wound Vac trial and the Surgery as I have been reaching states / levels of 9,5 on regular basis's and I am scared as I do not know what to do to explain the wounds never mind the pain, and God always gives us what we need all we need to do is ask and a buddy used my belief against me to test my faith and I will likely go to my grave feeling that there is a reason for the last 2160 days of my suffering as it has to make sense a I couldn't have done it for nothing

Or could I have? God Knows and he sent this link so we all could come to understand the pain I have to experience a bit better

20% of the USA population suffers also so I am not alone YET

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