This past year was a bitch and the one coming doesn't look better

Who knew a *HOLE* in my body the size of a dime could cause such incredible pain and sheer terror as it grew up

Who Knew?

And why was I left out of treatment options from October 15, 2018 till March 11, 2019 when I was finally admitted to a full service medical hospital, and unit 8 east and then the medical technology took over and I was outright scared as i remember my first IV antibiotic Cepolixian and the Medical Technicaion / Nurse who went military on the IV pump it scared the hell out of me and it was 1am and I was alone in a Medical Unit (that would create 4 dead bodies in one weekend a few weeks from then

Who Knew?

It is / was likely as this is all a part of a sinister plan // plot to destroy me and all I have done as The Mad Hatter in the Community of Edmonton, Alberta Canada in my all to brief return from the land of

"the slaves to the syrup"

"OK" I know that the "plan // plot" is only a weird wiring of my schizophrenic brain, but it sounded cool "didn't it?"

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