Time -- Plus Plus = Quantity and Quality -

" Neither can the that has passed by be recalled, nor the hour which has passed return again." ~ Ovid

Tonight I am asked, to "improve" the (Quality) of my calls to my (only) source of mental health help in my city -- you see I have a great "clinical neuroscientist" however with greatness comes infrequent time 36-43 minutes every 29+ days on the phone the last few sessions partially to assist my ass as I seem to be having a odd way about me and people used to see me everywhere as their "Mad Hatter" doing 8-16km a day it was funny I guess

but is is still funny when a actual human falls to his knees in pain

And yes I know I have to PAY A PRICE for the onset of COVID 19 showed up in our path


Whatever the cost of a "brain health" issue (hell that sounds better than "mental health" issue as this whole thing is crazy (no nut that pun)

according to this book I just picked up --"The end of mental illness''

now on good days it is walking 2km that kills me but I pretty much now feel a massive social

Obligation Too ALL of YOU

and now I feel guilty and bad as I would do more if I could do more

And when "your" ONLY SUPPORT "you / I" have "access" 24 / 7 (couldn't resist the negative plug) but \ listening to The Pretenders - sense of purpose -

I had the "candy mission" --the masks get in the way of seeing your smiles now, as is the distance rule the hugs got into the way with COVID 19

` It took so much from so many that I get it that this is my loss l is (however I have had basically 5 sessions at 36-43 minute sessions to deal with this all)

I LOST my dietitian, a friend that we didn't end the friendship ourselves but he had his ''phone privilege's'' yup they took his computer gear a few weeks earlier

yet i have hell off a lot of faith that this is all going to work out

it kind of messed up what I did, didn't it?

we now have mad hatter counseling (DOT) com on the top but with zero fees to google or anyone I OWN page ONE

This just made my night

now i need a sponsor to allow me a

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