Time \\ To Change / / The Software In My Brain / Mind

vBeen studying with a few Coaches / Mentors / Advisors in the last 24 hours as I am and have been a (A+ Screw Up)

And society has cut me swathes of "leeway" --I have been a drug in the last few years for you all to get a Very Fine Cost Effective -- BUZZ on

Now that was all "fine and dandy" as no one that we know got hurt until November 22 / 23, 2020 when I and the walls I created around me (myself) as I am no ones fool no more

As the Dopamine and Serotonin taps are winding down here in EDMONTON --

last night / early morning I came to a sad and weird realization (that IAM / U-R) getting screwed as I was a mess last night

both physically (pain was a level 9) and mentally (I was a mess) and your laughing as it seems this (Fool Clown / Mad Hatter) can actually feel pain and get depressed as this world has changed so much in such a very short period of time (MARCH 16, 2020) when "my treatment for a damn HOLE in my actual body was stopped" why seems the doctors can make more money providing less treatment, and I am a damn |"Schizoaffective Disorder" guy and actually has no friends (yah right) now you wanna be friends as I cllose this chapter of my life

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