Tired Of The Pain, Ms. Payne, Devil Girl And The Medicated Goo

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

It (the physical pain is level 9.5 now) when the rational mind crosses a threshold of pain that is unrelenting and unending weird stuff happens all over the place

People run for cover, as they do not-want to get taken out in the collateral damage that could occur as a result of pure human suffering as it is never ok when a human suffers as we have the tools to avoid this

I am tired of being a punching bag for the Doctors (physical) as they do SHIT and get paid for delivering the most pain for the least buck

I am not going back to a hospital where I was witness to 12 dead bodies in 47 days and I know there were more, doesn't matter I counted 12 I saw and I was ill prepared for even one (1)

The Goo Tables


30mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol


30mg Codiene


30mg Codeine

and I am still in pain sucks eh?

Unless it is not you I guess right?

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