To All The Kind People That Shared Their Collective "AIR" With Me Today

It was way more than I dreamed as I met so many incredible people all day as my business took me all over this incredible city of Edmonton AB (my Home) God I am Blessed To Have ended here so many years ago

To the Girls on LRT that met each other (new bonds) for the first time and the rest of the East bound train - thank you for getting to know each other -- this is how ''community'' is designed and built to my new Political Scientist and next Years Para-Legal may you enjoy your Holidays and stay in touch with each other and maybe I will see you at school one day too (one never knows "fate")

Always smile as your smiles are beautiful

Civilizations grow by community and Community grows by Communicqations

To Donald this morning (I hope everything went ok at the doc)

To Dapper Guy High End on The LRT love this city

To the Angel in the Benz at the Save On your smile was the icing for the day

Thank You

and my feet look better thank You DR K and Team

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