To Be The Human "Test Tube" / experiment

Part of The Voodoo Science Series ,--that [[THE SYSTEM]] -[[THEY]] are doing on me, they are basicwally `operating (high end) surgery on my BRAIN

And there is no other way ZERO to

1) Treat

2) Control

3) Contain

This DEMON that lives deep within the furthest resesses of my BRAIN / MIND

And no one wants to talk about it either -- and in my case I get blamed and accused it is from the simple things like "are you taking your meddicine?" which sums up the trust of my best frriends at times and it i have had to learn is not even their fault as the concern is there, but it still hurts me

Because yes I am taking MY meds, and even my doctorrs hurt me at times as they try so hard but this is one that is nearly impossible to score a point over the DEMON

It is THE DEMON -- It destroys everything in its path,

It isolates ONE from the society and that is it CORE MISSION

Then (and this is where we / I am now)

I have a few Buddys / Brro's with mega money trying to buy me (or my SOUL) out of this F'n Mess

Science is not winning here people as 32% of US will KILL ourselves

this is not my intent to cause pain / greif


IT is a ILLNESS -- or do we start blaming the elderly for OLD AGE (I hope we don't come to this) unfortunatly I now beieve we already do

GOD will decide at MY end game

choice is --- ?

OK Catline

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