To Live With It (Schizoaffective Disorder) Mental Cancer

when you rise IT is there awaiting you and when you retiree for your bed rest IT is there awaiting 24/7 x 365

IT hunts and YOU are the prey, you run IT is always ahead and there, you scream and IT hears your voice before help arrives

YOU become a Prisoner of the Home

YOU have a shorter life

IT steals YOUR life, YOU reach for the phone IT knows your patterns and blocks the path

People KNOW this

"I AM A HUMAN BEING, very much like you" only difference is the operating system as your software hasn't been wrongly re-wired --

So today YOU (INJECT) into MY body -- AND the last time I looked it was still my body a chemical agent I haven't had in my world for 3-4 months

the syringe is pre-loaded and I hallucinate that I am ready, dream on

the bullet (INVEGA) makes its way down the [chamber] right into my muscle (SHOULDER) and the cold steel turns red hot as the chemical burn inflames my body and goes from a campfire to a warehouse fire red hot like in HELL and I am fully awake for this


REMEMBER -- "I AM A HUMAN BEING like all of you" the social defect I have is a Mental Health Challenge called Schizoaffective Disorder however YOU will say we don't hold it against you for your "illness" (and you use that word) "illness" to keep us in the place you want us -- why not "CHALLENGE" sounds better too and more life in it And then I come home and the Combo plate from HELL arrives and its like a sedation / acid / weed trip with a side of nausea

and Access 24 / 7 and Health Link are totally on me like I willed this Mental Health "Challenge" on myself a very long time ago -- kids

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