To The City Of Edmonton, And All The Workers

It has been a very long time since i actually HAD a life,

Like when did I actually have a LIFE?

Like was it when my DAD was alive? (1975)

Was it before he moved out of the Family Home (1972?)

Was it before that first (serious drink and toke) 1975

Was it the day I donned the Trench Coat, Staff and Placed on my head the Mad Hatter Hat and

began to make a few people smile a day as this alter ego of mine began to make a few people a day smile a day (the GOAL) was a single person a day

and IAM seemingly able to do this on a regualer basis now

I don't need much people and what you offer is way so much more that I could even dream of when


What is "my" DREAM?

A HAPPY WORLD -- A HAPPY CITY -- As me and my best friend had this "motto" "if you can make one persons day better, you did a good job"

Hey Bro... I "try" pretty much on a daily, basis

Thank YOU ALL for listening and SMILE as YOU "hug a FISH"

Did I get a LIFE after 1975 -- nope, just

Did I get a LIFE after 1975 -- nope, just one long bottle that I almost drowned in after the 38

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