To The Kids At School, The Agency, And The City In General

I am / was really down this morning Thursday (3rd) and I took it out on everyone and maybe it is a result of my schedule as I have done 751 days (2 years 21 days) without a day off, and the pain from a hole in my body, that has caused me so far one major surgery and the schizophrenia, the lack of personal support (love) a good female friend, as how can anyone love someone that doesn't stop and walks 12 miles a day (for fun/yours) I need a lady

I need is silly -- but it could be fun as the GF of the Mad Hatter kinda is a unique job title as it would be a damn hard position (but FUN) hell I will make it fun (even bus rides are fun)

I kid as a GF would be brilliant as I need someone who writes to do the story of a guy that came to town and changed the place

And I am "trainable" as I already have two (2) BCs on me (( Behavioral Contracts)) by Nurses/docs that care (and one more coming at least)

Crazy People need this most refuse (like meds) I don't screw with them as The Agency and Collective (know best)

And I made a deal with New Years 2019 (to OBEY) smart Girls / Ladies (and I am still alive after the worst year of my life)

Need to shut down now as a new BC kicks in at 10pm and the Computer goes off

Night Thank You All




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