To The Moon With Doge' And The Mad Hatter Experience

This alt coin ( MEME COIN ) started off as a joke on December 6, 2013 and at one point was worth $50 Billion ( yah with a B ) -- valued more than Ford Motors

I am starting a Digital Asset Management Company as that was just 2 days after I became homeless at 52 for the first time in my life

And it wasn't that funny as I was sh*t scared when it occurred

I have been Blessed so very since October 1, 2016

And now I am selling off my physical assets and pretty much converting them into digital assets as the space of Crypto Assets is here for a long time as the people I now read figure since Mark Cuban and Elon Musk are supporting Doge' that now is a great time to NOT take this stuff as anything but my schizophrenic opinions as what did I know

As I have seen kingdoms rise and fall I have seen whales buy and sell massive amounts of the various Crypto Assets

It works

check out

And as I say Learn / Earn and Grow via the link above as I have learned so much in the 12 days I have been a fan

Check out a APP that I am getting more knowledge from Decrypt and you can earn free rewards just for reading again that the DCPT ( Tokens) can be used for rewards and even NFT's on the site

I am getting into this space now as I have found something I really enjoy

Grow Hard and leave a comment and hit the hearts on my blog posts

^^^ 88 ^^^

It is All In The Hat

Blessing all

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