To The Teachers In My Life THANK YOU ALL


This came at me on December 27, 2018 in the Office of my last doctor (who would Have enough of my damn bullshit crap with the pain from the wound *bedsore*on my Coccyx that wound) she would terminate the relationship a few days later on March 6, 2019, that would be 69 days – the wound was on a course of destroying everything in my life and world and I mean everything she decided that she was about to take 100% control of the way I had to hurt myself (she cared about me that much as my Psychiatrist) I was very, lucky she arrived in my life in 2016

You see I “thought” I choose LIFE as December 28, 2018 I took my “stash” of meds to the druggist for destruction that was around 2-3pm – the phone would ring as I entered the house and it was a call from a Doctor that I hadn’t expected as it was a Wound / Infectious Diseases Specialist with a appointment for the next Monday the 31st of December I was happy (yah me happy) and scar3ed as I also had my injection scheduled for that Monday (and I still was NOT a big FAN of the Needle) my program was only (injectable program) had only just begun some 82 days before (September 10, 2018 to December 31, 2018)

And this “SILLY LITTLE BOY” was fool hearted enough to believe that simply by cutting off a single exit point (600 pills in a green Ziplock bag)I would enter some magikal kingdom where the pain in my world would be healed (KIND OF LIKE MAGIK) Thank You Dr AP

She Dr AP would make me crazy by frc9ing me to deal with the real hard issues of 56 years of life – brilliant Doctor (one of the best I ever had) (I was BLESSED)

Today is October 25, 2019 and from September 10, 2018 some 410 days since SHE Had had enough of my “CHILD LIKE GAMES” of taking meds when and as I thought was best She & my Current Psychiatrist in that time had / have changed altered pretty much every aspect of my Personal Reality and as a direct result of this (THEY “SAVED THE LIGHT) [The Light in Latin = Lucien],

Today October 25, 2019 I have finally decided to Choose Life --- a decision that arrived after finding a “program” to end the pain

What if all this program was needed to teach me this and other lessons I NEEDED to learn, you see this City (my only reference point and this Province and COUNTRY (of Canada) and the whole place we call home (earth) cares about others

The system would breakdown if it was designed any other manner THANK YOU ALL for another opportunity at life itself ‘’

BTW its 1121pm and meds are all in and its level 6 oh well q few hours ago it was 9.5

‘Night all

God Bless You for YOUR PRAYERS

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