To The Young Couple A Few Weekends Ago'

You told me after I "bravely" told you that I was a Schizophrenic that you had never met a single Schizophrenic

Is this as a result of all the Millions and Millions of Dollars from Provincial and Federal Mental Health Care BUDGETS to "eliminate" the STIGMA are

Actually Working?

They are NOT and this is a reason my mom and dad "INVENTED" me -- and YES I WAS A INVENTION

In fact I was INVENTED a very long time before I was INVENTED

and they knew exactly what they were doing unto me

You see I had to be destroyed and not once but over and over again and again for a simple and single message to get out to


And YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD is this place we all call Earth it is a small place and if we as my dear Mother taught stopped from all our business stuff to smell the roses and talk to each other a LOT more instead of having our collective heads lost on a 3inch screen along with our human consciousness

We = Humanity --The Only Ones that Are Pretty much Responisible (or should I say) Irresposnisble) for the decay of The Entire Neighborhood

I saw you children today, we are writing their history -- we will be held accountable to children in elementary schools today for

Crimes Against The Earth

This Illness I have (and it is an Illness) or / an (Insight) --and that is weird as I went to a place last week called Insight (and the waiting area) and thought I was in Heaven

have we already KILLED this Planet

God some times allows

Hey I have a 21 day Slave Contract Post still to do, a massive load of supper dishes (THANK YOU ALL for the food today) along with the Food Bank who, provided the bread and eggs this morning and whom is running a


LETS FILL IT -- And remember Its "all in the hat" Mad Hatter's Hat -- See You Saturday

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