To The Young Girl In Kingsway Mall Today Nov 23/19

This beautiful young girl / lady came up to me and really got in my face / head and made me think about my "life" with only a few quick words

she said "Do you have goals?"

now some men might be drawn to laughter -- but she made me think as I have been "playing" the role of

AMUSEMENT -- for 801 days now, and I haven't missed a day yet -- for some thinking is hard and in fact it is the hardest jobs around -- buy my a suit / costume and you can have me do a few things -- and I dress up as I have proven

But here is a story -- on November 19, 2019 I was when I called to book my blood work by the gentleman there that as he put it "I have come to enjoy my lifestyle" now I get a check AISH (due to the mental challenges, and physical illnesses) but I sure as hell do not have a lifestyle

and then he said something that made me even more curious "there is opportunity out there"

Goals now only 4 days have gone by

and hey I even found a Lady that could very well be "Mistress of the Mad Hatter" we met at the blood clinic (that actually sounds a bit romantic) hey L send me a note

what do I need Goals/ a Job (I thought I had "pretty much everything" ha) then she arrived now I need GOALS for higher income

Goal One bring AISH allowable Income to max (this might never be possible to do, but if I don't try I don't know)

Goal Two = ID

Goal Three = Hair Cut

Give me a few days (remember the Slave Contract lead me here only 17 days ago) thank YOU ALL at the AGENCIES and the OWNERSHIP GROUP

thank YOU to the people I have had the divine luck of spending a few moments with in the last few weeks

This last few weeks has been amazing

God Bless YOU ALL


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