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To You & Two Me Will Humanity Ever Be Free, You Will See --As The ... Spoke Unto Me!!

Today I has a ear of phone and I am off to the well I do not know as I am having a session with PD and I screwed up the (time between sessions) as I have gone PTSD level 9 a few times as I work on my world to fit in to the world I was borned into a while ago when the Unicorns and Monkeys played Rock n' Roll and the vibe took out it's toil on my mental soil as the Mad Hatter Experience (MHE) had so much data to go through my world and life and mind, and she came along and was so kind I was lifted from a place I was a very long time and brought to this place I am slowly fitting in

Oh what a day and the hatter is going out to play // n n

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