Today = Day 71, At 60 Years Old And I Have Come To A Place

That NO more crap (Bullsh*t) is allowed as I am in the stage of my life where I want to live, grow and become the man I should have become at 14 ( when my day passed away) with the way were going these days I see a few more days ahead of me and I am NOT going to waste a moment

And neither should you as money is replaceable but time is NOT so we all get 168 hours a week to live (assuming your week has 7 days, one never knows anymore)

At 8 hours sleep ( if you can do this ) x 7 = 56 hours of Sleep ( create a plan for this as this is a much needed area )

That leaves 112 hours less the 9-5 JOB, Monday to Friday of 40 ( if you can ) = this leaves 72 hours left

1 hour in the GYM daily ( if you can find one that is open during this "strange period" of "The Virus" reality ) = 7 at the Gym

Leaves 65 hours

Reading 30 minutes daily ( 3.5 hours a week ) This is Important

Leaves = 61.5 hours

8- Hours a day for the Side Hustle(s) read to find one that suits you = 56 hours for the Planning and Implementing and Monetizing of Your Side Hustles

Leaves 5.5 hours for the rest of the week

Which is for ( what I use mine for = Education ) and there are many " free or low priced " on-line sites that you can utilize to enrich your mind

Enjoy Your Week


Smile It Is Contagious

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