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Today Great Day in MY Town for MY People and ME, Until I had to STOP Walking and The PAIN RETURNED !

This is my cross as i figured it somewhat the Pain is Brutal in the Morning if and when I am able / allowed to grab a few hours of rest / sleep and after I walk when I return home till I medicate (Doctors Prefer OPIATES how about YOU, and BTW the last so called Doctor Preferred TWO OPIATES Daily nice huh? as you see if I die the rational is I WAS NO ONE had no family WAS NOT IMPORTANT and WELL Society Losses 500 KIDS a YEAR and he was an OLD MENTAL PATIENT so we did ourselves a favor) Really is this REALLY HOW YOU SEE IT, how about the Emergency Medical Team that has to come here to FIND A DEAD BODY -- you see it as they are TRAINED for THIS and after there 40th and They Get PTSD (same shit I have) and they snap and get a gun and kill everyone around them as they see the total BULLSHIT of The WORLD the BIGS Created to Generate as MUCH MONEY out of Each and EVERYONE of US before it is our turn also to DIE -- it is all we have become is consumers for the big hedge funds who own everything as

1) Blackrock = 11 trillion AUM (Assets Under Management)

2) Vanguard = 10 trillion AUM

3) State Street 9 trillion AUM

now don't get it wrong you are a consumption device they designed in school from K-12 to University, to the Wedding, The Car, The Too Big of a HOUSE with way to Big of a Mortage with a hope and prayer mortgage (you hope the interest rate stays down, and you pray you didn't buy at the wrong time, size of home, mortgage, how long the job lasts and a zillion other variables no damn way YOU CAN SEE as they might but you are NOT THEIR FIRST ASSET PRODUCING VECHILE not by a very long shot, practice makes the HEDGE FUNDS RICHER and TAKES FROM THE MIDDLE CLASS (IS THERE STILL A MIDDLE CLASS) AND POOR AND GIVES TO THE FUND MANAGERS AND SHAREHOLDERS OF WHICH YOU MY FINE

ASSET PRODUCING DEVICE ARE NOT (YOU ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE) NOPE and your children won't be either so well you got yourself born -- and your parents could not have seen this shit coming NO WAY

But hey someone made money

Back to the two OPIATES the System has me on Doctors are Owned by ( fill in the blank) and the Government's are owned by (BIG PHARMA) and BIG PHARMA is owned by (SHAREHOLDERS Like The Elite and The HEDGE FUNDS) and round and round the wheel gets to go and you are going to die it is just HOW MUCH THE HEDGE FUNDS ASSET EXTRACTION MACHINWES ARE GOING TO GET FROM YOU YOUR FAMILY AND THE INSUREANCE BUT well this is called a SCRIPT and it started the exact moment you were born as this won't go on forever as the truth is the planet is in the Stage of The Age of Extinction and after they sacrifice your sons and daughters to the Military Industrial Complex as Cannon Fodder well sorry but we have a pretty star for the sacrifice that you can put on the mantle of the Rental Flat that The International Hedge Fund Assocation of the Planet Earth allows you to live in for a few years while they get every deduction on all the shit they can then they demo the tower and write it off and start again and reality always starts over but hey now you have a spruce (fake wood) box a concrete bunker and a stone that says some shit like HE / SHE CONSUMED and THEN DIED leaving this wonder STONE that will also decay over time unless the SUN explodes or asteroid # 2020AG hits the planet then well were all screwed and the GAME called HUMANITY DEAD or ALIVE is Over

Bye Bye

Lucien The Light II

October 19, 2022

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