Tomorrow Oct 15, 2019 = 80 Months Of Sobriety

I started and then handed off the L.S.D. ex. to [[THEY]] who stepped up the game long before I knew I had ANGELS all over my life:

I can't walk hardly today due to the pain from the bedsore area that was inflamed 4 days ago and when I explain what happened (you know the truth) people shut down as that 4 letter word has seriuos ramifications (as does what they did unto me) as we so far are only seeing the physical expressions of the TWO nurses actions

I should have begged harder -- and now I suffer again and everyone around me already has cut me off (so I get to suffer "ALONE")

Thanks you all--

You all are complicit in this one ya ALL OF YOU

You hurt a child (a little kid trapped in a mans body) wow amazing

When I see MY or their psychologist we will begin to see the inner destruction of the BULLYING that occurred that morning in 4F3-18, where I still have to attempt (and now i need sleeping medications over the last 2 days or 3 called Imovane again as I was on it before and had a horrible time in getting "free" of it)

I am sick in my tummy now -- gonna stop here as I need to rest as I can't stand up ( as it hurts me) YOU care?

You say you do -- but do YOU "really" ???



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