Tonight A Trip Away From A Bay

I just don't know anymore like why me

Like "why" did? do? I get this life

Like 'why"

You know? It is a dream, within a dream, within a dream

No wait -- Help as it now seems I have no way out

Then a "window" opens and I pop on through to the other side -- only to be greeted my the OverGlades (the little Opiate like creatures) that play on the inside of the Glades Over the Opiates hills that live within the mind and body of the ISO.'s

I at once was a ISO breathing deep from the bosom of the terra forma

So where did I end up at the night of the bass that encompasses, the night time sky

I just wanted to make people simply smile (and I got somewhat lost in the sky of the Goddess as I attempted to reach a better viewing platform) as the ground level just kind of sucks, after a few months

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