Tonight and The Last Few DaZe Have Been a Buzz-Feed

Well once again it has been a interesting evening in the land of the purple semi colons as we all draw closer really close to the Merry Merry Jolly St Nick scampering down the chimneys bags overflown with toys and trinkets for good girls and boys always knowing who was knotty and who was nice

This year I think we all should have a trinket of something even if it is only a smile from the Jolly Rancher himself

I know where I am hoping to be on Christmas daze 111 ave making you all smile a wee bit more

That will be my gift from MHE to YOU as you all are the all stars that pulled each other through 2020


Flown Acid Trip

I am off soon as Pand The Mad Hatter tio raise a few bucks for a few greens for my dinner on sunday

Love ya all

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