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Tonight IT is Over as I got 4 days of MEDS --

I have now taken 50 (mg) of Suboxone I took some Tramadol and a few ztylenol AND i DON'T CARE ANYMORE AS i ONLY wanted a lady to run my life & word and she could manage the money and allow me a bit of food if I was a GOOD PUPPY

And then it took 1 hour to get myself off then floor last nightnand 45 minuts to get out of bed

My landlord Jazz could own my Heart and Soul and I was privielged to speek with today and I amn still taking my life as no one wants me asny more as I was kicked out of the cafe

God By my world stock up on food as there is going to be amassive food shortsage

trust me

So now I die and that is the end already

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