Total Destruction Of SELF

My life / world kind of began at the end --- I was 8 years old in grade 6 --

I am so tired today \ its 1129am and I SLEPT 7+ hours

doctor in a few hours

and my leg is numb from the knee to foot (right')

Need a sleep -- I was 8 years old

bye -- I WAS / AM to BLAME

I was 8 years old and we just landed on the moon is this how the physical stops as 2018/19 is the year of the wound from hell and the mind went VIA Mental Cancer (schizoaffective disorder) a result of the pharma, street drugs / .weeds (never did hardcore streets) weed is bad idea, and drink decades ago

Started a course yesterday excited as I need to keep my MIND busy as I am now seemingly losing the physical

One again I need prayers `as it sounds like yet another change is coming

Damn I am scared

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