Trapped In A Brain That Is NOT Wired Right For Life

I have the best doctors I have ever had in all my life, the best "TEAMS" on all sides of tthe field, (Mental & Physical) the Best Medications (the best researchers / chemists) and the most LOVE from YOU ALL that I have ever experienced in my entire life time ,

But the damn worst (Mental Health Challenges) that man can ever face, as we live in a world of the


Schizophrenia is bad enough at time but when one gets attack by a religious zealot spewing his / her venom as I haven't been saved (enough) "according to him" jacob Goo, but hey bro I am going to call you on it-- as you and the God that you feel is "better than my God" is in actuality the same God (as God only made but ONE God, I asked)

You are a very mixed up man Jacob Goo (and yes I remember Your name) as I care about you and even though it was over a year since your last attack I love you as YOU are a Human but and this is a big BUT

You fascinate me Sir, as I am currently reading a book by a Gentleman named Gene Edwards -- called "Healing for Christians that have been Crucified by Christians -- So allow me to ask you a question Sir "why?"

You see Jacob your / and MY Savior said "Love Your Neighbor" but you have no idea as to what is going on in my world/life you have no idea at all to the fact that I suffered for 11+ months with a wound in my tail bone / coccyx ---You didn't offer prayer only condemnation as I didn't (believe enough according to the "pamphlet of Jacob Goo" You see Jacob you don't get a book but just a few lines in the brook of life and love--

You see you are a fool, as your waiting for Jesus to show up and save YOU as he knows YOU better

Did I hurt you Sir NO, I didn't Sir

So why you hurt me as I work to make people happy (maybe you don't like people being happy, maybe you do not have LOVE) But Jacob - Jesus Loves You, and as a result even though you wished me more suffering I to must LOVE YOU as I suffer for YOU

It is just my job to Suffer for Humanity - and I do it with a smile as I work for GOD he is my employer

It hurts sometimes when I walk the recommended 6miles (my average this week is 9 miles a day) but you have a car, a cell phone, a home with a [ WHITE PICKET FENCE ] erected around it as you physical world is more important to you than your Spiritual World (which you if Your God allows) when you cross you will spend way more time in

You need to think as what does Jesus look like to you? He is a reflection of YOU Jacob the Holy Books say "do NOT Judge lest ye be Judged", all the Holy Books say this -- You have read the Holy Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, The Gnostic Bible you have read them? Right Jacob Goo -- The messages are important as we seek ways to mend a broken planet -- we must unite as a single God as we actually can have the Garden of Eden - it is right there Jacob -- Right in front of our eyes but it comes with a rule or law, or saying, that being "Love Your Neighbor" and we need "To Share" or will you keep that Apple as was done in the book

is he Black, White, Muslim, Indian, Native?

Is the Savior Humanity awaits a He? a She?

How would we know?

how does he dress? *does he wear a suit, a cover-all, a bonnet a pull over sweater??

does he have a large home ?

what is his food?

in a an all white neighborhood?

does he live in your neighborhood?

In your Heart ?

You need to think before you throw the first stone as are YOU without sin?

when will he come back?

is he back?

The books were shared with me in my prison cell in 2014 as we all sin, and I was corrected on my behavior as Society deemed fit

Rule number ONE Jacob - don't do it again as I didn't do anything unto you to endure your venom, you are a very mean man, and God knows your heart better than I need to be concerned with -- He is my Father and knows every hair on my head and my heart I didn't deserve what you did and said as I come in peace, you seek trouble my brother I want none of what you have NONE

I am trapped in a brain and you attack me for your personal whim?

Are YOU GOD Jacob?

I didn't get that memo (shit) miss High School (Totally) and you miss something as big as a memo describing GOD as a tiny Chinese Man -- who knew school had value as this

Jacob, Jesus is Calling

He said (I took the liberty of taking the call) said "Stop Hurting Innocent People JACOB, this is JESUS calling"

Schizophrenia sucks but can' be FUN when the DRUGS are good / right

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