Unbreakable -- Over Achiever


I Need To Make A few promises right now

This damn wound and the ongoing damn pain will not break me

I need Self-Belief

When everyone else doubts this shit can be done

Dr Sal took away from me my confidence that I can walk 5 miles a day as she benefits if I fail as she has been rewarded to see me fail as they have been paid off (big money)

I will win

My mind is sharp and never will I stray from my goals

They / she can say I cannot reach my goals (she doesn’t know my heart)

I never make a promise I make to myself

I will get to my target ‘

It doesn’t matter how many times I get beaten down

I will WIN

There IS NO pain

I will never give up

I either fight or I die (and I will not die, even if it fucken feels like it)

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