We / I Get / Got People That Seem To Care However They Are

Powerless, and my pain and suffering has now been acknowledged at least and that has changed in 19 days (since I created this blog, and used up all my life savings) as it was a matter of it will do no one any good when I am in a box (6 feet under ground) and this has been suggested to me that this screwed up HOLY HOLE in my damn coccyx (tail bone) (do a google for) "sinus tract wounds / tunneling wounds" and see what this all has been about

I had a hard time walking to and from the food store yesterday and now need assistance in this and a Angel ./ [[ A ]] arrived on the 30th of July for a food run and she helped so much it is not even funny and she will never know exactly all she did for me, a long with the lessons she taught me:

You know how hard it has been to get a simple bottle of OJ home for a 2 mile walk when the pain is already a level 7 (thank you [[ A ]] ) I had a nice drink along with the berry and apple juice

all at one time too amazing

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