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We Are Blessed As There Are 3 Billion People Unbanked Globally That Are Slowly Hooking up to system

The Household Bank of YOU yup YOU as now we can become our are own bank via Crypto / Wallets / Blockchain,/ BTC/ ETH / NFT .. and I only began my journey on January 5, 2021 when the Faciote Empire made a full $ 0.01 (not kidding) and I have been working mainly studying, reading, Udemy, Skillshare, Investing I am attempting to learn as I go as I am going to build a Network Villiage Of The Chicken Bird Digital Asset Management Corporation DAO ... Goal is Save The Planet whose in as time of a matter

I am only studying coding and we have to build all this from the Ground Up YOU ARE IN of course

And I want to form a massive portfolio of businesses under our name as this is a new way to play

The Alberta System has decided via the Monsters that are STEALING MY BLOOD WHEN I WAS YOUNG And now stealing my spirit and my soul


The fact that is that you have destroyed me, and AK was a play it's all going to unfold as this is as this term ,This world which has a reached a breaking point that I no longer see the point see the no point of this pony ride and I must die

as this world falls apart I only want to make MY People here in how every died as the systems are now slipping as inflation is killing off

Your world seedinglings to destroy tHE

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