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I have been on this rotating ball of sand and water for a very long time and I saw some shit along time ago, a real long time

what was I supposed to I asked myself when ?

when i lived and I saw you and I was ill as your vision totally reduced me to pulp. really

I was intensly unwell for 4-5 days like I was unableto life a pill bottle of pain meds and I was cold and then damn hot and it was horrific

I was by you allowed to return

I must thank you for a seond chance to tame my ways

I am in this chance now and I has a few many new hours to pass through to do as asked / instructed

I am attempting to be good

thanks for the life you allowed THE ANCIENT ONE! aka

@DrHatterZ if you wish to help out with the DAO as I will with tthe Global Assisstancxe work all the times I can to save this dot we call our home

Send dogecoin or eth @DrHatterZ

and we has to save this planet for the childrens of tomorrows future as they need hope too and we must also tend the old ones as they have many, many teachings to share with all of humanity

I thank you

and I do not know nor understand where you arriveed from but this is beautiful I have yet to feel as I do this morning

I have been up for a while and I am going to go back to the DOMESTIC WORK ASAP


DID YOU KNOW IT IS 227AM on a Sunday but I only want to serve as I ( I don't even understand any of this no not at all anymore )

I told my Gods when I was in the Prison Cell in 2014 that I work by serving humanity forever as you allowed

my brothers and sisters I thank you for allowing me all I have and my God & Jesus Christ I was dead and she brought me back and then I heard the sound of her voice and I awoke I have been scared a few times as I was Jailed overnight 2x to teach a lesson to my brain and mind and to make me think



Reprogrammed In The Thought Box Of The Mind & Brain

I now hope I think better than I did before entering this device

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