What I Have Done In My First 72 Hours At 60 Years Old

Not for not trying but my body didn't magically heal (therapy starts Wednesday) but the day after my birthday February 5th at 830am i was found out that I had been having a difficult time with house keeping and all my landlady said was "get it clean" so I was then away and I called a cleaning company that I had spoken a few times as I thought of hiring someone in the past (obviously) and also thank God as i had a a"jumping off place"

February 6 and the Team from Eda Cleaning Company was at the door at 2pm and they were incredible as the went into some weird state (mentally I think) and then just "tore" into it non stop 2 people for 5 hours

It is incredible in here now a few corners to tend but I more than received a fair deal in fact the value for the money was worth it all and then Eda gave me a no GST discount plus $25 for my birthday which blew me away

Today was a recover day as it was a lot of mental work to get done all we did

Thank you all for the support over the weekend


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