What I Learned In My First 24 Hours At 60 Years Old

Well when I went to bed early as I was kind of depressed, well I was quickly taught that depression is NOT FUN none at all ---- in fact in the short period I was full conscious I could of wrote a short book called "Depression Sucks lets not do this again EVER" as I am a kind of happy guy and after dealing with COVID 19 since it reared it's ugly head on my planet I share with billions and billions of people this was never a issue for me even after being self isolated five times and tested 9 (4 in hospital over Christmas 2020, ya I did Christmas 2020 on a COVID 19 Unit and I was negative 4 more times) I ran away on Christmas Day and still at this point I wasn't depressed yet last night I was what I felt depressed -- I was alone and yet more connected than I had ever in 60 years been (maybe I had more kids in grade school classes) but 28 people recognized my birth on Nextdoor.ca and 13 plus wrote kind wishes and 67 people showed up here at the blog and yet depression over took me

Weird huh?

Then my day got off to a BANG as I take well a weird science cocktail of mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, and sleepers, and four (4) varieties of pain medications (that have become my life blood) including my not so favorite but needed Suboxone so needless to say the wee hours at 830am are early and this was my favorite landlady and what she walked into was a mess, as I have been sick for 2 years 3 months and a bunch of days with a HOLE (ya a real honest to goodness HOLE) in my tailbone that has received treatment from October 2018 till exactly the time COVID 19 came to town and had to be operated on in April 2019 and it failed and reopened and it (pain has gotten bad in the last while (weirder pain as this is back, legs etc) and I am having a very difficult time with mobility issues after a few months ago being able to walk 9-10 KM a day as "The Actor Known as The Mad Hatter" and his Experience (let me tell you I got the Experience of a Life Time (or 60 years ) today

Now 2 KM is impossible (if I want to manage a thought the next day

I have been having in the last while major issues cleaning and I didn't know what to do as I was attempting to dis-cipher the Cleaning Companies Playbook for COVID 19

They have rules (or deep needed to be filled purses) and today I was as I am now 60 (59 year olds get away with everything I think) but not 60 year old no not us as I have now been a young 60 for 24 hours and a new book (my library has 1600+ books in it) this new book however shows up by a curious overnight parcel company and it this book is called

No More Bull Shit Now YOU ARE Now Totally Responsible For Your Life written by "The Inner Self" -- This is some inner voice we can it seems call up, ALL THE TIME (it's a speed dial feature also) when you think you can pull shit on the consciousnesses it is there reminding you that there are no options as YOU ARE Now Totally Responsible for EVERYTHING even brushing my dentures (I checked) damn

Henceforth a cleaning crew is being dispatched my way -- and I have made available all I have and likely a kid or two down the road (old people what do they expect??)

Day One Lesson = Take Personal Responsibility 100% for EVERYTHING and remember your just not 59 no more and can't go backwards EVER

Also a quote I wrote (more likely I stole it) "Don't be lazy or undisciplined as it will cost you more"

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