What If It Was Your Kid? Or You?

this last 18 days of "therapy / treatment" has been really "instructive" as the 230 days (give or take a day) have been super instructive (I need medications) NOT going to argue, but as my very good and very qualified physiatrist would say there are three sections to therapy (I had never heard this before) (Between June 3-10 -2019)

1) Physiatry (meds) Biological / Physical

2) Psychological - How the mind copes with stress

3) Sociological - Housing, Money, Social Support

I didn't see it until I came back from a day pass between October 10-`18 --2019 And my whole room was cleaned and the room felt homey'

You see at the Hospital I was in was a NICE Hospital run by NICE People, then I saw my current doctor and he said I didn't need to make all my appointments as you see I was at the point that I "assumed" I was "ORDERED" to attend the sessions AND to "allow" the "state / province" to inject me every 28 days with the chemicals I was being injected with for over a year now

Hey I have Schizophrenia and no adv0cate what did I know but to OBEY or be punished and I thought I was being helpful so society was a bit safer as I saw / met people with this mental health challenge that have made errors and people had been injured

I just wanted things to be well as Society had already locked me up in 2014 for 88 days in a small cell alone -- now I live in constant fear of a lot of things as I won't smoke, do drugs, drink I am scared all the time all the time no as

You have hurt me already

I am excited to see what day 19 of my treatment brings with it

Thank You All for your Gentleness today

Blessings to qll of you

Blessings to all of you

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