what the hell

I made people happy for 3 hours today

someone said get a Girlfriend today (imagine how strong she will need to actually be?) Cynthia, Kara, Afton, Lourdes, Sam (maybe they could share me and train me) and maybe if we get super good and I get my health back somewhat I to can natter the age old prese of "You want fries with that:" to earn the extra $1,072 I am allowed to earn" then I can buy shoes for the girls, and they will be happy and I will be happy as I have a shoe/foot fetish and the "whole world" will be happy for that moment


I learned I like to be happy a day ago was a good moment in time (shoes who knew) OK I did, but I am rather shy (really) :-)

And I like Girls / Ladies too -- I was shy (am) shy

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